Man v Mountain

At least that is what it felt like…

I just completed my first outing on my vintage Raleigh Competition CS, and here is what I learned:

  1. Laguna Niguel’s rolling hills, are steeper and higher from a bike saddle then they are from the drivers seat of a car.
  2. I am completely out of shape.

I had to get off and walk this hill, even taking a break on the walk up… At the top, this man in the last third of his life cruses by and continues up another slope… Good for him, he got to laugh at this poor guy less than half his age.

The whole ride/walk took an hour, and wiped me out. But I will certainly get more miles from the bike. I may be down, but not out…

I would love a fixed gear, but with the hills here, it may not be possible. I have to learn the more level routes, for sure. 

The beginning of a new me

So, I finally have my website back. Thought I didn’t utilize my last iteration to the fullest, I plan to be more active this time.

For those yet unaware, I have sold my practice in Cleveland to pursue an opportunity in Southern California. We are currently in the midst of a very challenging move, and my initial posts will probably not be very much about dentistry.  They are more likely to be about adjustments to life, if the rumors of complete water shutdown are true, etc etc.  Some of my discussion may involve my philosophy of practice, and treatment concepts… But my guess is that there will be a large amount of general info for my friends and family back home.